Could you gut bacteria be making you fat?

It always makes me laugh when I see an advertisement for antibacterial hand wash and house hold disinfectants to help sterilise your home. Considering that the number of microorganisms in your intestines alone is 10 times more than the total amount of cells in your body (up to approximately 100 trillion little critters), I think it’s clear to see that bacteria is here to stay. So why all the fuss to kill the “Nasty bacteria”?

Raw food – The good, the bad and the fattening?

Firstly let me say that yes, I am an advocate of eating some raw food in ones diet. I recommend it to others as well providing your choices are made intelligently. Intelligently meaning you understand the benefits some foods can give when eaten raw and which foods can be detrimental to your health and well being. They say not all carbs are created equal and when looking at fats you definitely have do’s and don’ts. The same can be said for raw foods.