As a Smithfit Holistic Performance Coach you will find an expert in exercise and nutrition. A coach that sets the industry standard, is well rounded and capable of training you through any fitness goal or health concern.


Shannon Smith

High Performance Coach, Sports Nutritionist

Shannon founded Smithfit to bring together a truly holistic approach to exercise and nutrition optimisation.  His inspiration for Smithfit began with martial arts at age 5 and with relentless training over the years grew to the fields of nutrition and strength coaching.  

Shannon’s expertise developed through traveling the world, training with and studying under the best minds in the business resulting in:

  • People shedding more than half their body weight in fat
  • Creating a winning Miss International Sports Model
  • Training an Olympic Athlete through to competition
  • Training an Australian Champion and International Triathlete

Cutting through the confusion surrounding nutrition, fad diets and fitness training, Shannon has the ability and proven track record to achieve your results no matter what the desired response.


Keran Murphy

General Manager, Yoga Teacher

Over 20 years blazing a path through the Health and Fitness industry as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer ignited Kerans true passion to become the revered Yoga teacher she is today.  Keran encourages others toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle which focuses on grounding and being present in everything you do.

With Kerans managerial and administrative skills, she is an integral part of the Smithfit team as General Manager.

Keran is also our ‘go to’ girl regarding scheduling, payments and all other administrative roles.  She brings order to the team at Smithfit and is always available to help you with anything you may need.


Lance Persico

Performance Coach

After a successful career as a professional Rugby player in Italy, Lances passion for sport and lifting weights has carried him into his new career as a Smithfit Senior Coach.

“Training is my meditation!  It helps balance my stress and keeps me on an even keel.  Sure, I love being strong and staying good in shape, but for me, it’s more about the mind.  I’m most happy when I’m fit and healthy”.

A big softy at heart, Lance likes to keep our members happy.  “The most important aspect is that you leave feeling better than when you came in”.  Lance prides himself on reading people and knowing when to push and when to pull back to get the most out of their training.  Although easy going by nature, make no mistakes, Lance is here to make sure you get where you want to be!


Alan Cormican

Performance Coach

A graduate from Dublin City University in Ireland with a degree in Sport Science & Health, Alan has 10 years experience as a Personal Trainer.

Working in the USA as a Strength and Conditioning Coach with a range of athletes has given Alan a keen eye for those wanting to fine tune their skills in sports such as (but not limited too) American football, baseball and basketball. Alan has also has worked with men and women’s Gaelic football and soccer teams for several years in Ireland, prior to his move to Australia.

Alan believes a Smithfit Coach should lead by example to impact our members lives in a positive way. During each session his focus is on inspiring our members through cueing and encouragement to help achieve their goals.

With his experience, athletes and weekend warriors as well as regular mums and dads, will find Alan’s professional yet laid back personality can take their training too the next level.



Danae Vincent

Performance Coach

Danae credits her former life as a ballerina for developing a comprehensive understanding of the human body and movement.  Now an accomplished clinical pilates practitioner, personal trainer and dance teacher, Danae has an intrinsic understanding of pain management, spinal health and body biomechanics.

Danae teaches clients to lengthen, strengthen and stabilise their bodies in order to allow them to power through life pain free. Understanding correct spinal placement has become key to Danae’s assessment of all movement, and has unlocked numerous hurdles for her in her own strength training and rehabilitation.