As a Smithfit Holistic Performance Coach you will find an expert in exercise and nutrition. A coach that sets the industry standard, is well rounded and capable of training you through any fitness goal or health concern.


Shannon Smith

High Performance Coach, Sports Nutritionist

Shannon founded Smithfit to bring together a truly holistic approach to exercise and nutrition optimisation.  His inspiration for Smithfit began with martial arts at age 5 and with relentless training over the years grew to the fields of nutrition and strength coaching.  

Shannon’s expertise developed through traveling the world, training with and studying under the best minds in the business resulting in:

  • People shedding more than half their body weight in fat
  • Creating a winning Miss International Sports Model
  • Training an Olympic Athlete through to competition
  • Training an Australian Champion and International Triathlete

Cutting through the confusion surrounding nutrition, fad diets and fitness training, Shannon has the ability and proven track record to achieve your results no matter what the desired response.


Keran Murphy

General Manager, Yoga Teacher

Over 20 years blazing a path through the Health and Fitness industry as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer ignited Kerans true passion to become the revered Yoga teacher she is today.  Keran encourages others toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle which focuses on grounding and being present in everything you do.

With Kerans managerial and administrative skills, she is an integral part of the Smithfit team as General Manager.

Keran is also our ‘go to’ girl regarding scheduling, payments and all other administrative roles.  She brings order to the team at Smithfit and is always available to help you with anything you may need.


Dylan Jones

Performance Coach

Originally from country Western Australia, Dylan made the move to Melbourne in 2011 to further his experience in both Strength Conditioning and Personal Training. With a degree in Sports Science and multiple internationally recognised courses focused on rehabilitation, injury prevention and sports performance, Dylan prides himself on his thirst for knowledge.

In 2017 Dylan completed an internship in Florida, USA, working alongside industry leading coaches training elite athletes such as Serena Williams (Tennis), Noah Syndergaard (MLB pitcher – New York Mets) and Nick Adams (professional Slalom skier).  Dylan has also worked with Port Melbourne Football Club as their Head of Performance.

Dylan has a true passion for helping people, no matter what their experience in the gym has been. His expertise enables him to get serious results with his clients and brings an enthusiastic, vibrant energy to the gym every day.