Smithfit members receive comprehensive education pertaining to body composition, along with evolving diet plans that will immensely improve their health whilst reducing body fat. After consultation with our sports nutritionist, together we will have created a diet that is tailor made to suit your lifestyle. No one person is the same, no one diet should be the same.



Optimal nutrition, dynamic movement, doing what you love, recovery or stress management; these are the four pillars of health that we emphasise at Smithfit.  Along with displaying technical proficiency, our goal is to make sure you enjoy training and understand how the actions you take today will impact your vitality tomorrow.


Having a lean body starts with good nutrition and whilst training is an integral part of that formula, your greatest reduction in body fat will come from the foods you consume.  Cutting carbohydrates or trying the latest fad diets often leaves people with little too no results.  Sometimes people even put on weight during this process.  At Smithfit, we take a more calculated but modest approach to reducing body fat.  Find what works for you, nourish your body and you will eliminate unwanted fat.



Not everyone wants to look like a body builder or sports model; we get that…but everyone wants to be their best version of themselves and that’s something only they can determine.  Building muscle is something everyone can benefit from, as having bigger guns or a more shapely behind is not just about aesthetics.  Increasing your lean body mass up-regulates your metabolic rate as well as your strength; so who wouldn’t want to burn more fat on a daily basis and be as strong as they can be?


As a species we are evolving at an ever increasing pace; so, the desire to live, look and feel younger for longer has never been greater.  Resistance training has a profound impact on ones hormonal profile, immune system, bone density, strength, balance and overall life expectancy.  You have the power to take charge of your own health, so with the solid foundation we provide you, rest assured you are on the right path to reducing the ageing process.