The team have knowledge, experience, humour and most of all they care.  I can’t recommend Smithfit highly enough.

Shannon Smith has changed my life! What can I tell you, I hated the gym and early mornings. I thought I ate pretty healthily, except I wasn’t the weight or shape I wanted to be. Shannon was recommended to me in 2011 and transformed me into an early morning power lifting fan who lost inches, gained muscle and won medals at competitions. He has also taught me so much more: clean eating, discipline, setting goals and believing in myself.


I made the decision to start training with Shannon and his team at
Smithfit about 9 months before my wedding, and this decision is easily
one of the best I’ve ever made.  The workouts are tailored to me
individually and were written to take into consideration all of the
preexisting injuries that have caused me all sorts of problems for the
past few years.  Most of the issues I thought would be something I’d
just have to deal with for life, but the trainers have pushed me to keep
working and I can’t remember feeling this good since I was a teenager.
My original goal was to lose 30 kilos which I thought was probably
unachievable, however Shannon and the team never seemed to think that my
goal was out of reach – as it stands I’ve lost more than 20 kilos in
just over 6 months.*
A lot of my success so far is due to the diet that Shannon designed for
me.  I always thought diets were all about eating less and ending up
starving, but this diet is full of good food and I’m not ever finding
myself wanting more food at the end of the day.  None of the meals take
long to prepare (which was something that was a concern for me), I would
say nothing takes longer than 15 minutes to prep and I haven’t found any
of the meals to be too hard for my limited cooking abilities.
Another great thing about Smithfit is the attitude of the team – it’s a
fun environment to be in which makes getting up for an early morning
session or walking to the gym in the cold less of a chore and more of
something that I look forward to.  Having a trainer who knows you, your
workout and actually cares about you and your results really helps keep
you motivated.  Thank you very much guys!

..as it stands I’ve lost more than 20 kilos in just over 6 months!*